Welcome to Platform Equinix™

A customer guide for self-service options, customer care contacts, and Equinix product and policy information to help you deploy data center operations, expand your interconnections and grow your business on Platform Equinix™.

Getting Started

  • Global Customer Care:
    The Global Service Desk (GSD) is the initial point of contact for customer service issues and order placement.
  • Customer Success Manager (CSM):
    Contact your assigned CSM for onboarding activities, account management and issue escalation management.
  • IBX Tour:
    Schedule your tour via the portal or contact Global Customer Care.
  • Customer Newsletter:
    Sign-up to find analyst reports, new data center openings, ecosystem updates, product enhancements, events and more.

Self Service Ordering and Operations Management:

IBX Data Centers

Locations and Benefits

Equinix Products & Policies

Integration into Platform Equinix

  • Equinix Glossary: 
    Find commonly used industry terms on Equinix portal products.
  • Equinix Marketplace: Log in to find, connect and market to a growing business ecosystem of over 9,500 members across Platform Equinix™.
  • Equinix Partner Central: Your go-to source for the latest partner information and sales and marketing resources.
  • Global Pricing and Billing Guidelines:
    Understand current pricing and billing policy, as well as invoicing procedures.
  • Global IBX Policies:
    Customer terms and conditions for using Equinix IBX® data centers.
  • Equinix Product Policies and SLAs:
    Find Equinix’s policies for products and services.
  • All Products and Services:
    Find Equinix products and services to interconnect with anyone in the world and integrate services you need to run your business.