Public Cloud Connectivity


Since your data doesn't traverse the Internet, it isn't subject to the unpredictable traffic congestion, transmission lag times and data exposure risks inherent in public networks. 2,500+ cloud service providers are available within Equinix, and many of them offer private interconnection to their cloud infrastructure via Equinix Cloud Exchange™, cross connects or Ethernet services.

Direct Connection Services

Our direct connection services set up private links between your data center infrastructure in Equinix and potentially hundreds of information and communications technology (ICT) service providers. The private link provides fast, secure and reliable connectivity for transmitting latency-sensitive and high-bandwidth data traffic.


  • Increased data throughput by 147%, compared to connecting over the Internet
  • Predictable high performance, because data doesn't experience the unpredictable traffic congestion and transmission lag times inherent in public networks
  • Enhanced information security resulting from using private connections to transmit data instead of public networks
  • Simplified integration of new technology services
  • Guaranteed 99.99% availability, typically higher


147% increased throughput to leading cloud services through Equinix Cloud Exchange.™


Connections as Fast and Flexible as the Cloud

Equinix Cloud Exchange is an advanced interconnection solution that provides seamless, on-demand, private connections to many clouds and many networks from locations across the globe. It makes the process of connecting to clouds as fast and flexible as the cloud itself.

Equinix Cloud Exchange combines automated interconnection with advanced service orchestration to create fast, flexible, direct connections to multiple cloud services simultaneously—the type of connections needed for companies to build and scale hybrid clouds. Available in markets worldwide, Equinix Cloud Exchange gives companies an innovative new way to connect multiple clouds across multiple sites, faster, easier, more reliably and affordably than using the open Internet. Tests conducted in the Equinix Solution Validation Center™ show 147% increased throughput to leading cloud services when connecting through the Equinix Cloud Exchange as compared public network connections.