Private Clouds


Building private clouds in Equinix expands your connectivity options. It also enhances IT agility by putting you in the prime position to integrate cloud and IT services down the road. When it's time for your business to add new technology capabilities or migrate to hybrid cloud computing, you're already where you need to be—among the data center industry's largest ecosystem of ICT providers.

100Gbps of bandwidth and sub-millisecond latency
2,900+ cloud and IT service providers
20% or more on WAN cost savings

Benefits of building a private cloud in Equinix data centers include:

  • Fast reliable connectivity for transmitting latency-sensitive and/or high-bandwidth data traffic—up to 100Gbps of bandwidth and sub-millisecond latency
  • Enhanced information security from transmitting data over private connections instead of public networks, reducing the risk of data flows being intercepted, monitored or modified
  • Unmatched choice in data center locations and network services to speed data delivery
  • Savings of 20% or more on WAN costs with reduced transmission times
  • Simplified integration of new technology services
  • Greater IT agility from the ability to access and interconnect to new technology services (hosted applications, managed services, private storage and more)
  • Average availability across our global data center platform of >99.9999%