Manage Complexity: VMware Cloud on AWS with Equinix and AWS Direct Connect

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Organizations need an easier way to migrate or extend their complex VMware workloads to the cloud in a cost-effective, secure, and efficient manner. Learn how, with VMware Cloud on AWS, enterprises can seamlessly migrate or extend workloads from on-premises to the AWS cloud without the need for application re-architecture or conversion.


  • Protect on-premises workloads with cost effective full or partial disaster recovery (DR) and backup in the cloud
  • Migrate workloads to a fully software-defined data center in VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Expand geographic reach and meet on-demand capacity or seasonal demand spikes
  • Gain the ability to freely move applications between on-premises and cloud
The VMware Cloud on AWS eliminates the need to make changes to operating models or architectures. The result is the most flexible approach to evolving enterprise cloud strategies to keep pace with digital transformation.

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