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As enterprises have revamped and rearchitected their smart vehicle fleets into mobile data platforms, the fleet management market has been transformed. Fleet management today uses an array of onboard computers, networking adapters, cloud-enabled applications and intelligent sensors interrogating intelligent data points on highways, in cities and on other vehicles. In this TechTarget whitepaper find out how a strategic infrastructure supports the capturing and sharing of data in new ways to improve operations and achieve financial gain.


  • Innovation in fleet management technology can yield a wide range of financial and operational benefits
  • Fleet operators are in a race to operationalize fleet management for substantial business benefit, security, control and functionality
  • Equinix supports LTE and 5G mobile networks, cloud-based applications, data aggregation, management and processing, vehicle-to-cloud based applications and highly scalable bandwidth, storage and computing
Equinix Fabric™ is the foundation of Equinix’s delivery of a modern fleet management platform. It connects distributed infrastructure and digital ecosystems on Platform Equinix® to establish an agile data center-to-data center network connection between any two Equinix Fabric locations within a metro area or globally via software-defined interconnections.
TechTarget and Equinix whitepaper, November 2020

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