How the Financial Services Sector in the U.K. is Pivoting to Embrace Cloud Solutions

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In this webinar, experts from Microsoft U.K., Pico, Refintiv, Beeks Financial Cloud, PwC, Lloyds Bank, joined Equinix and The Realization Group discuss the challenges and opportunities of utilizing public, private and hybrid cloud to build out unique ‘as-a-Service’ offerings. 

Understand how enterprise cloud strategies continue to expand rapidly across the global IT landscape, and how the financial services sector will need to transform iself into a digital provider of cloud-based services accessible to users anytime, anywhere. 


  • How 90% of enterprise IT infrastructures worldwide will be a mix of on-premises/dedicated private clouds by 2023
  • As cloud activity grows at the edge, the importance of private interconnection 
  • The opportunities for fintech services in data center technology and hybrid cloud infrastructure

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