Equinix Statement to Customers and Partners Regarding Coronavirus

Updated: February 25, 2021

Due to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), Equinix continues to maintain procedures that reflect our company’s focus on:

  • The health and safety of our customers, partners and employees
  • The continuity of our business services, especially infrastructure supporting the health, financial, government, and technology sectors critical to maintaining public health and stabilizing the economy
  • Compliance with governmental regulations and local public health guidance and ordinances

Equinix has extensive business continuity, health and safety and pandemic plans developed with the intent to provide seamless business operations for customers and partners throughout this situation, including our goal that all data centers remain fully operational and equipped with the necessary equipment and supplies. In addition, Equinix is closely following the recommendations of government and public health authorities and will update its policies and procedures as appropriate. This is a fluid and evolving situation and there is no guarantee the current response as outlined below will not be changed or effected as the situation unfolds or guidance has changed.

We greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation throughout this global pandemic. Please check this site often and refresh the page by clicking the button on your browser to load the most recent content. If you have additional questions regarding our response to the coronavirus, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

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Frequently Asked Questions

IBX Access

1. Are customers able to access IBX locations during COVID-19? *Updated 2/25/2021

2. What policies and procedures has Equinix implemented across its IBXs globally? *Updated 2/25/21

3. What does appointment-only mean and how do customers schedule appointments? *Updated 2/25/21

4. How do Flex/Office space customers request work visits and what are they allowed to do on site? *Updated 7/15/20

5. Are there any changes for BCTR (Business Continuity Trading Room) customers?

6. How do customers receive shipments to IBX facilities under appointment-only policies?

7. What changes have been made to IBX shipment policies?

8. Will Equinix continue to allow access to conference rooms and break rooms in IBXs? *Updated 2/25/21

9. How is Equinix managing its on-site IBX employees to minimize risk and protect the health and safety of customers and employees?

10. How is Equinix handling the various government regulations and public health guidance globally including recent lockdown ordinances in several cities and countries? *2/25/21

11. If an IBX becomes inaccessible due to a government curfew what steps would Equinix take and what products/services could be materially impacted?

12. Will Equinix consider temporarily suspending physical access to the IBX for customers? *Updated 7/15/20

13. Can Equinix disable the biometric (hand/finger)readers due to health concerns? *Updated 5/20/20

14. Under the current conditions, is Equinix planning to reduce/interrupt any products/services? *Updated 2/25/21

15. Will Equinix continue to support on-site audits? *Updated 2/25/21

16. What measures has Equinix implemented to protect its non-IBX employees?

17. How can I ensure I receive future notifications about any changes that take place regarding an IBX?

Preventative Measures

1. What is Equinix doing in regards to newly discovered “strains” of COVID-19? *Updated 2/25/21

2. What measures will Equinix take if a COVID-19 case is confirmed at an IBX facility?

3. In the event of a confirmed case of COVID-19 found inside an IBX facility, how quickly will Equinix communicate with customers?

4. Can a customer activate the Business Continuity Trading Room (BCTR) in order to prevent/mitigate the spread of the coronavirus?

5. Does Equinix have a CEAS (Corporate Emergency Access System) membership?


1. In the event an employee, customer, partner or vendor becomes aware that they have had close contact with someone having a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 and they had subsequently spent time in an IBX, does Equinix plan to close for cleaning? What will be communicated to customers? *Updated 12/21/20

2. In the event of a confirmed case of the COVID-19 inside an IBX facility, will Equinix close the IBX for cleaning and disinfecting and for how long? *Updated 4/27/20

3. In the event of a confirmed case of COVID-19 inside an IBX facility, what level of cleaning/disinfection will be done? *Updated 4/27/20

4. Will Equinix provide cleaning and disinfection service (chargeable) for our Equinix owned space including BCTR, Flex space or colocation if requested? *Updated 4/27/20

5. Does Equinix sanitize your biometric devices such as hand scanners on a regular basis?

6. Will customers be able to enter the IBX facility for urgent matters during the cleaning process?

7. Are Equinix's air filters capable of filtering germs and how often do you change the air filters?


1. Would Equinix provide remote hands services in the event of travel bans/access denial?

2. If a person is confirmed to be infected while being in an Equinix facility, will Equinix disclose the identity of the person?

3. How will Equinix staff an affected IBX to ensure continued operations?

4. If there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 in a building where Equinix operates an IBX but Equinix does not own the building, how will Customers learn of the confirmed case and what measures will Equinix take? *Updated 4/22/20


1. Is it possible that my new deployment or orders may be delayed?

2. What is Equinix's plan in the event of a new construction being affected?

3. What has Equinix done to ensure there are no shortages of materials required to keep the IBX operational and to keep disruptions to a minimum?

4. Are face masks required or recommended? Will Equinix provide face masks? *Updated 2/25/21

5. Could you share your BCP? If not, what can you share to help me understand your contingency plan?

6. Who can I contact for more information?