Innovate Your Electronic Payments Infrastructure with Platform Equinix®

Regulation and innovation have shaken up the traditional payments market, creating new revenue streams and purchasing options—making cash a thing of the past. The ease and availability of electronic payments have set high expectations for consumers. Equinix can help you provide the speed and convenience customers expect as the electronic payments market expands.

Equinix Performance Hub™ can extend your network into any Equinix data center worldwide, connecting you directly to network providers for reduced latency and improved application performance.


We link payment gateways to the primary players in the electronic payments industry inside our extensive financial services ecosystem. And we are home to 1,800+ networks, delivering the network density needed to reach end users across the world with less than 10 milliseconds of latency. Companies looking to capture their share of a growing market will find major advantages inside Equinix, including:

  • Fast, continuous availability of colocation services in a scalable, interconnected environment
  • Direct connections to issuing and acquiring banks, payment systems and converging services
  • The ability to bypass public or unreliable connections
  • Instant access to brokers, digital wallets and market data providers
  • Links to hundreds of point-of-sale providers, e-commerce sites and fixed line and mobile networks

Unmatched Network Density

With 1,800+ networks covering 5 continents, Platform Equinix™ combines a broad choice of networks with the ability to penetrate markets everywhere. That enables electronics payments companies to push applications to the edge of networks worldwide, as well as design the most efficient and cost-effective routes to reach end users.

As competition increases, growth depends on ensuring quality customer experiences while staying flexible enough to change as business demands. Equinix's network density allows you to strategically locate IT where you can best access emerging technologies and meet the demands of your customers.

An Expansive Global Footprint

Equinix has spent years and $25B+ building a data center platform that spans 55+ markets on five continents. Electronic payments firms have a choice of more than 210+ network-dense data centers worldwide to deploy their IT. That allows you to be where markets are emerging or services are converging and take advantage of the opportunities that come with rapid change.

Equinix Performance Hub™ can extend your network into any Equinix data center worldwide, connecting you directly to network providers to reduce latency and improve application performance. Our global footprint ensures that electronic payments firms will always have access to the interconnection and partners they need.

Design, Testing and Deployment Expertise

Any move into a new IT environment comes with uncertainty, but Equinix's design and testing services can offer reassurance to electronic payments firms as you consider colocation or IT expansion.

Equinix's Global Solution Architects have the expertise to assist any electronic payments company looking to capitalize on cloud and other technologies. They'll help build hybrid clouds that meet audit and compliance requirements by:

  • Creating reliable ways to connect high-performance enterprise databases to big data applications in public clouds.
  • Designing multi-site deployments for service resiliency, backup and disaster recovery.

In Equinix Solution Validation Centers™, you can also test your entire data center technology stack in a real-world environment, enabling you to make modifications and optimize performance before full-scale deployment.