Value-Based Care is Driving Innovation

Healthcare is going through a transformation, harnessing new ways to see and treat patients, collaborate and share patient information. To deliver targeted, preventive and effective medical care, organizations must embrace remote monitoring and Internet of Things (IoT) platforms, along with data sharing, collection and analytics.

Explore the Healthcare Playbook

Get the playbook that outlines how industry leaders can use interconnection and colocation (control points) at the digital edge, in proximity to patients, regulators and partners, to create a foundation for digital healthcare.

Build your Solution with the Healthcare Blueprint

Visit the site to download the Healthcare blueprint and see how you can build for distributed traffic exchange and control points, healthcare providers can directly and securely interconnect digital value chains and patients at the digital edge.

Equinix, Datalink and NetApp Case Study

Read how a nonprofit medical association reduced its risk, while increasing processing power by leveraging an Equinix, NetApp and Datalink Disaster Recovery as a Service solution.

Fysiologic Case Study

See how a Dutch medical services company secures sensitive patient data and drives international expansion by leveraging an innovative hybrid cloud solution.


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