Corporate Sustainability

At Equinix, we believe in the power of interconnection. Digital business is inspiring innovative commerce and collaboration along with whole new ways of competing — interconnection makes it all happen, putting everything within reach. With interconnection as a foundation, Equinix is proud to approach our sustainability efforts in the same adaptable, resilient way that we solve our customers’ business challenges.

Our Corporate Sustainability Program is a core priority, and naturally aligns with the adaptable and resilient culture we’ve built. Our program is comprised of four pillars: Environment, Social, Governance, and Community that each align with our core purpose to connect, protect and power the digital economy.



We design, build and operate our data centers to minimize our carbon and environmental footprint.



Our commitment is to safeguard the health, safety and diversity of our workforce.



We uphold high ethical standards and strict regulatory compliance.



Our Equinix Impact Program gives back through grants, matching gifts and employee-driven volunteer efforts.

Transparency and Reporting

A hallmark of our program is a dedication to increasing transparency around the impact of our global operations as we continue to grow a sustainable business. We invite you to explore the following resources:

Awards, Recognition and Advocacy

Our commitment to the environment and the innovative use of green technologies has garnered accolades from industry and governmental entities.

2018-GreenPower @2x


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Corporate Sustainability Reports

CDP Climate Change Survey


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