We follow and apply standardized global processes and use COUPA as the tool best aligned to our end to end processes. Receive tenders, obtain POs, send invoices and manage catalogues in a one stop digital solution. This ensures our relationship is both efficient and impactful.


Sourcing & Contracts Management

Common way of managing sourcing activities and setting up contracts

Register Online

Improved way of registering and updating existing information

PO Management

View all Purchase Orders online, in one place

Create Invoices Online

Create an invoice from a Purchase Order and submit it at the touch of a button

Reduce Invoice Error

Submit your invoices directly, reducing errors and speeding up payment times

Tracking Invoices Payments

Track progress on your invoice payments

Success Portal

Click the link below to be Redirected to the Coupa Resource Site to understand further about Coupa functions

Terms & Conditions for Equinix Suppliers

Where a separate written contract is not required by Equinix, the Equinix Standard Terms and Conditions of Purchase as specified on this page shall apply. The applicable and appropriate country specific terms are available for download.


This is a secure digital gateway enabling the Equinix Supplier partner and Equinix to register, trade and exchange status updates electronically. As an Equinix Supplier, this online portal supports the purchase order and invoicing processes. The portal is often referred to as “CSP” and is supported by Equinix’s third party, source-to-pay partner (Coupa).

The Supplier portal enables both parties to better support their respective back-office processes in a more efficient and effective manner. This solution supports Equinix’s digital journey and transformation.

Supplier Registration is required prior to registering for the CSP. Equinix requests that Supplier partners provide relevant information, applicable certification and confirmation sign off to our Partner Code of Conduct to support due diligence before becoming an approved Equinix Supplier. The approval registration process is separate for security reasons, a follow up CSP link will be sent to approved Equinix suppliers.

The CSP Terms & Conditions are required to confirm the use of the hosted solution. These are different to Equinix standard Terms & Conditions which support the supply of goods & services into Equinix.

There is no charge to suppliers.

The registration process takes less than 10 minutes.

The CSP enables Supplier partners to trade electronically with Equinix. The advantages are:

  • Immediate access and retrieval of Equinix Purchase Order(s);
  • Functionality to provide order acknowledgment;
  • Supplier self-service management of product, service and price book catalogues uploads and updates;
  • Ability to flip Equinix Purchase Order into a Supplier Invoice (PO Flip);
  • Submission & management of Invoices, Receipt and Payment Status.

Using the CSP will improve the efficiency of the Equinix back-office time to receive, process and remit. A key benefit for the Equinix supplier will be a real-time understanding of process status rather than the delay of sending emails requesting updates.

A link will be sent to approved Equinix Suppliers upon request.

You can update your Public Profile in the CSP (visible to the Coupa community) but this does not update the data we hold on file; the legal entity details you populate in the CSP help to form compliant invoices for automated submission.

If for any reason you need to make a change to your company profile / information, including legal name changes, then please contact your regional accounts payable helpdesk.

AMER - askapamer@equinix.com

APAC - askapapac@equinix.com

EMEA - askapemea@equinix.com

Equinix suppliers may have more than one supplier portal account depending on the nature of their organizational set-up. Equinix would recommend that the Supplier partner centralizes the management of their individual accounts into the same instance of CSP. Functionality within the portal supports discrete management of multiple accounts allowing different Supplier legal entities to be managed centrally or locally.

Equinix requires users to register with business / organization account email address. The Supplier Portal solution supports access from multiple devices and locations.

The CSP allows the Supplier to set up functional contacts / individuals that support different elements of the process. For example, PO processing, PO acknowledgement, Invoice management etc. The Supplier will need to allocate a primary account owner to manage this internally. If you are not the right person to administer the account, please advise your point of contact at Equinix and inform us who the correct account administrator should be.

The CSP is available in several local languages. It can be changed at the bottom of the page. This will not translate information on Equinix transactions, just the on-screen labels.

Sit back and enjoy the benefits of digitalization. Please let us know your feedback.

Visit the Coupa Success Portal and click through to the invoices tab to learn more.

You do not need to have a CSP account or access to the CSP to take part in Sourcing events. You can access an event directly from your sourcing event email invite.