Green by Design

Our data centers are built to give customers peace of mind. That goes beyond keeping the lights and cooling on. It also means designing and running facilities in ways that save energy and promote environmental sustainability.

Green by design

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Energy efficiency and environmental sustainability are part of everything we do, whether we’re building new data centers or upgrading existing facilities. We’re continually exploring and implementing new practices to reduce our environmental footprint. With a global carbon footprint of 870,000 metrics tons CO2 in 2013 (55% Americas, 24% Asia Pacific, 22% Europe), we invest in measures to reduce our energy consumption and carbon footprint. Since 2011, our environmental programs have helped us avoid the equivalent of nearly 50,000 metric tons in CO2 emissions. That’s the same as taking almost 10,000 cars off the road for a year.

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Every Equinix data center uses technology and techniques that reduce its environmental footprint. Our data centers meet global environmental and energy management standards, and our worldwide headquarters in California’s Silicon Valley has earned LEED® Gold Certification.

Green data center certifications

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Energy conservation and efficiency are always a priority when we design, build and operate our data centers. Our commitment to the environment and our novel use of green technologies has won the recognition of industry and governmental groups.

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