Hybrid Cloud Services Enabling the enterprise and software providers to implement their public cloud infrastructure

Boost performance and efficiency by deploying hybrid cloud services inside Platform Equinix

Whether you’re an enterprise IT department looking to bridge public and private infrastructure or a successful SaaS provider outgrowing your current platform, implementing a hybrid cloud solution on Platform Equinix give you greater IT agility, long-term scalability, and cost savings.

A WAN Hub – Your Onramp to the Cloud

By moving infrastructure assets into an Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data center, you can drive down costs, improve performance, and position your IT organization to leverage the broadest community of cloud service providers to access an optimal mix of public and private cloud solutions.

Equinix Cloud Exchange brings together cloud service providers and users, enabling near real-time provisioning of affordable, private, high-performance connections within Platform Equinix that are more reliable and secure than public Internet connections. You can implement a hybrid cloud strategy that lets you easily adapt, grow and manage your infrastructure while achieving the perfect balance between security, performance and cost.

The Equinix Difference

  • A complete cloud services ecosystem for a simpler and more cost-efficient path to implementing private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud strategies
  • Data centers in 32 markets on 5 continents, making it easy to locate your cloud platform in proximity to customers and users
  • More than 1,000+ network providers, 450 cloud service providers, and 800 IT managed service suppliers offer more opportunities for interconnection and the fastest path to cloud expansion and revenue growth
  • Interconnection via peering, direct connect, and the Equinix Ethernet Exchange for maximum flexibility
  • Access to more than 67 carriers and metro connection providers through the Equinix Ethernet Exchange
  • Reduced latency around the globe
  • Increased exposure to target customers and partners through the Equinix Marketplace
  • Equinix’s unmatched reputation for delivering consistently high reliability, security, and support around the world

  • Foursquare (PDF)

    Foursquare doubles database performance and scales for rapid feature and capacity increase—all while keeping costs flat—by migrating from an AWS-only technology platform to a hybrid cloud in Equinix.

  • Box (PDF)

    Box turns to Platform Equinix as the foundational component for Box Accelerator, its global data transfer network that augments the speed of the Box service for enterprise users by 60 percent..

  • Voxel (PDF)

    When more than 1,000 companies rely on you to deliver their Internet applications and keep their IT infrastructure humming, you need a reliable, scalable, high-speed global data center platform. That’s why Voxel first partnered with Equinix ten years ago, and why it recently turned to Equinix again to launch its new innovative VoxCLOUD service offering.


    Zetta (PDF)

    Zetta needed to find the right data center partner who complemented the enterprise features and security, integrity and performance of Zetta’s award winning enterprise storage on demand offering.

In Their Words

“Equinix makes it possible to find economical choices for network connectivity, which helps us contain costs.”

— Jeff Whitehead, CTO, Zetta

Brochures & Datasheets

  • Cloud Services Brochure (PDF)

    By deploying your cloud infrastructure at Equinix, you can expand rapidly while maintaining superior performance and connectivity.

  • Cloud Ecosystem Brochure (PDF)

    Connect to the right network suppliers, managed services partners, and cloud vendors and minimize time-to-market and total cost of ownership.


In Their Words

“Dramatic differences from one market to the next can impede efforts to quickly go to market. But with Equinix, we were able to leverage their comprehensive scale and readily deploy into three markets on three continents within three months.”

— Raj Dutt, CEO, Voxel
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