Private Cloud Architecture


Experts within Equinix Professional Services have developed reference architectures to help our customers understand the requirements for tethering their IT infrastructure in Equinix to their enterprise data centers. The following deployment scenarios have been tested and refined in Equinix Solution Validation Centers™. The scenarios shown here are based on Equinix Performance Hub™ deployments, which are extension nodes of customers' enterprise networks in Equinix data centers. When evaluating these deployment scenarios, the Performance Hub technology stack in each diagram can be regarded as a representation of your private cloud infrastructure within Equinix.


Tether existing enterprise data centers to Equinix IBX® data centers.

This deployment scenario shows how to tether an existing enterprise data center to an Equinix IBX facility using metro-Ethernet for cost-efficient, high-performance Layer 2 connectivity.

Headquarters and branch locations experience no change or disruption in data center services from their legacy facility. However, companies can deploy or migrate latency-sensitive applications to servers deployed in Equinix data centers, perhaps as a private cloud service. This basic deployment model sets the stage for companies to migrate to hybrid cloud deployments in the future.

Connect headquarters and branch office locations to Equinix IBX data centers.

In this scenario, companies connect multiple office locations within a metro region to a nearby Equinix IBX data center. Office locations are connected to Equinix via high-speed local loop or Metro-Ethernet Layer 2 circuits. Companies use these high-capacity, low cost connections to replace costly MPLS and DWDM circuits, enabling them to increase bandwidth and performance while simultaneously reducing network and administrative costs.

Many companies deploy private clouds based on this architecture when hosting latency-sensitive applications in the IBX data center, such as virtual desktops. By leveraging Equinix's wide connectivity to ISPs, networks and cloud providers, companies can achieve consistent quality of experience across the region.


Connect private clouds and offices in multiple regions.

Companies use this configuration to connect data center sites and office locations in different geographic regions. Equinix IBX facilities are linked via network services of your choosing or you can leverage the expertise of Equinix Professional Services to help you evaluate, measure and test various connectivity options.


Within Equinix data centers, you get a far greater selection of networking services than would be achievable within your own private enterprise data center. You can connect your Equinix private cloud infrastructure to a wide range of ISPs, local loop services and long-haul networks, choosing the providers that most efficiently meet your application delivery requirements. Within each region, sites are ideally linked via high-speed local loop or Layer 2 Metro-Ethernet circuits.

Many Equinix customers make the most of their multi-region cloud deployments by also employing them for disaster recovery. In such scenarios, customer IT infrastructure in Equinix data centers can be linked via private circuits such as MPLS services.