Brazil Managed Services

In Brazil, in addition to a premium infrastructure, Equinix offers highly trained, experienced professionals to provide data center and environment managed services so that your team is free to focus on core business. We also have a team of solution architects ready to build custom projects that meet your needs, taking into account the peculiarities of your business and the industry in which you operate.

The combination of best practices, main data center, management and technical certifications, and customized solutions, ensure the flexibility and reliability of our service packages.



Security, availability and performance without waste. Use stable and high-performance computing capabilities in the corporate cloud. Make your environment flexible and quickly scalable to support the exponential increase in the volume of data or meet demand peaks. If your project has technical or business requirements that prevent you from sharing the physical structure with other companies, build your own cloud and scale it to fit your needs.


Security and Performance

A flaw in a single IT infrastructure resource can cause unavailability of the environment, impacting on the ability to conduct online business and causing direct damage to your enterprise. Protect your network by keeping the internet bandwidth free from unwanted traffic, optimize your infrastructure and ensure data security in case of disasters of hardware, application or user errors.



Reduce the initial costs of your project by eliminating investments in assets and eliminate the concern with updating your technology park and managing multiple software licenses. With a hosting solution, the expansions in the structure is fast and there are no CAPEX increments, decreasing the initial costs of your project considerably. Here you can simplify your digital supply chain and enjoy the advantages of special licensing programs with selected vendors.



You call the shots while we provide you with all the infrastructure and the qualified professionals to manage your environment, be it composed of physical, virtual, rented, hybrid or proprietary assets. Leave the responsibilities of support, monitoring and management of the servers with our Brazilian team and focus on your core business. You can go even further and hire a professional within Equinix to act as your focal point for operational interactions, interacting with the other teams and supporting you proactively in strategic and tactical decisions.

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