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Equinix Data Hub


Data growth is increasing so rapidly, traditional centralized storage management methods are no longer feasible. Harvesting data from so many endpoints and aggregating it all in one location is becoming an insurmountable challenge, pointing to the need to store and process data at the edge, where it is collected. A critical component of an Interconnection Oriented Architecture™, Data Hub enables a whole new level of control over business-critical data with direct, secure, high-speed interconnectivity.

Perform at the Point of Engagement

Interconnect people, locations, clouds and data for better performance where it matters most- at the point of engagement.

Combined with Performance Hub™ , which features direct access to Equinix Cloud Exchange™, Data Hub specifically addresses the robust management of tiers of data.

Storing data at the local level enables data sharing through locally optimized data and metadata repositories. Data is available to the people who need it, when and where they need it.



Data Hub™ enables a critical advantage for real-time analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), data collection and data protection, supporting secure, compliant, efficient access to business critical data wherever users are located around the globe.

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Global Security, Compliance and Performance

Geography is no longer an issue—realize unparalleled geographic choice in 44 of the world's top business markets.

Comprehensive security and compliance, worldwide—adhere to even the strictest domestic and foreign compliance regulations around the globe. No one has access to your information unless you want them to have it.

All-new levels of accessibility—locally-optimized data combined with metadata repositories means your users always have secure access to the information they need most, when and where they want it.

Direct and secure connections to all your cloud services—reliable, high-performance and often redundant connections between your enterprise WAN and a wide variety of cloud services (via Performance Hub and Cloud Exchange).

Your disaster recovery partner— enable seamless data protection and replication in strategic locations for data backups and snapshots.

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