Introducing Equinix Precision Time™ – Tech Talk 13

In this short Tech Talk, hear first-hand how Time as a Service (TaaS) can help your enterprise overcome the challenges of using the public internet for time synchronization, and procuring, managing and maintaining GPS antennas and other timing infrastructure during global change. Discover how global, precise, secure TaaS on Platform Equinix® can optimize your business.


  • Connect to Equinix Precision Time over Equinix Fabric for secure, reliable time synchronization
  • Rapidly provision Equinix Precision Time without visiting a data center
  • Achieve compliance with NIST, FINRA, MiFID II, and SMPTE-2110 and improve network operations


Ramki Ramakrishnan, Principal Product Manager, Equinix

Ramki Ramakrishnan

Ramki is responsible for Equinix Precision Time and has nearly two decades of experience in the IP network timing space, having worked with technologies such as NTP & PTP protocols, atomic clocks and other IP time transfer technologies. Ramki has also worked closely with customers in the enterprise, communications and defense infrastructure markets.

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