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IDC - Future of Digital Infrastructure—Ever Faster Delivery of Reliable Digital Services and Experiences

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By 2022, IDC expects that 46% of an enterprise's products and services will be digital or digitally delivered, furthering the critical nature of infrastructure to support much more than traditional business applications. This report from IDC looks at how access to innovative, resilient infrastructure anywhere will be imperative to supporting adaptive, resilient, secure, and compliant digital business models. IDC advises technology buyers on what to consider when mapping out their digital infrastructure strategy.


  • The revenue of an enterprise depends on the responsiveness, scalability, and resiliency of the infrastructure, and the best utilization of third-party providers and services
  • By 2023, an emerging digital infrastructure ecosystem will be the underlying platform for all IT and business automation initiatives 
  • Software-defined everything and as-a-service business models open up great opportunities for CIOs to be more agile and location independent
The transition to cloud-centric digital infrastructure, which is already underway and will accelerate following the pandemic, depends upon commitment to a digital strategy. It enables timely access to and consumption of innovative infrastructure technologies to support digital business models. It also aligns technology adoption and IT operational governance with business outcomes.
IDC Analysts, “Future of Digital Infrastructure,” September 2020

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