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Verizon Connect Around the World

Leveraging the Verizon and Equinix Global Platform

Together Verizon and Equinix deliver a globally available communications and interconnection platform that empowers the enterprise to respond to the changing demands of a digitally driven business.

Enterprises can build hybrid solutions leveraging the Verizon network and Equinix’s interconnected data centers, enabling a cohesive, multi-cloud environment to securely connect globally dispersed customers, partners and end users.

The Verizon | Equinix portfolio provides an ideal platform for the journey from legacy systems to a modern hybrid IT infrastructure:

  • Improved performance: Accelerate the delivery of dynamic content and ensure an optimal user experience
  • Flexible IT: Tailor application performance with software defined networks and virtualize critical network functions for agile, automated solutions

Enabling the Digital Journey

Verizon’s security, network, and advanced communication services, combined with colocation and interconnection services on Platform Equinix, helps the enterprise in its digital transformation journey.


Realizing the Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Networks

With Verizon and Equinix, enterprise customers can leverage the capabilities of AWS, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, Google Cloud Platform and other cloud service providers (CSPs) to fully realize the benefits of hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Once enabled, a hybrid cloud environment reduces the compute, data storage, application provisioning and resource allocation needs that can burden a network. This hybrid approach also provides geographic and cloud partner diversity options while making it easier and quicker to move from one cloud to the next without the need of expensive network build-outs.

An Integrated Network and Cloud Solution

Verizon customers also benefit from Verizon Secure Cloud Interconnect service which allows enterprises to leverage Verizon Private IP services and securely access major cloud providers while achieving levels of network security, reliability and performance unparalleled in the industry. Now enterprises can:

  • Control access to critical data by keeping privileges private and secure
  • Connect quickly to CSPs with pre-provisioned, high-speed virtual connections
  • Predict and manage costs with usage-based billing of cloud services
  • Keep applications available with reliable connectivity
  • Manage network bandwidth and cloud environments online through Verizon Enterprise Center

Global Connectivity

Verizon and Equinix offer a broad global reach for both the Verizon Private IP network and Secure Cloud Interconnect platform. Joint services are deployed in over 20 metros worldwide providing access to 8,000+ customers and 2,500+ cloud and IT service providers inside Equinix IBX data centers.

Global connectivity in the following metropolitan areas:

  • Asia: Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo
  • Europe: Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Paris
  • Americas: Atlanta, Chicago, Culpeper, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Seattle, Silicon Valley, and Washington D.C., Bogota, Sao Paulo