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Accelerate Your Digital Strategy with Unitas Global

Unitas Global and Equinix Professional Services for Cloud (EPS Cloud) work together to design, build and operate private and hybrid clouds as a service to help CIOs optimize data center performance and network utilization insight.

Unitas Global and Equinix can help you solve these digital challenges to accelerate your business strategies.

  • Network optimization
  • Infrastructure assessment
  • Cloud network readiness
  • Optimal workload placement
  • Application modernization

How You Connect Matters

A cloud-first network foundation solves many challenges of legacy network topologies, enabling faster digital transformation.

  • Cloud On-Ramp: Establish one or more on-ramps to link your corporate network to cloud services
  • Inter-Cloud Connectivity: Deploy high-speed connections between public clouds to take advantage of each cloud’s unique capabilities
  • Managed Access: Easily and rapidly establish connectivity between your user sites and corporate data centers, leveraging network high-speed fiber connections
  • Wide Area Network: Ensure connectivity between data centers, leveraging high-speed Ethernet and SD-WAN
  • Multicloud Connectivity: – technology agnostic, globally deployed, and carrier neutral IT outsourcing solutions to meet your specific business needs.
  • Unitas AtlasTM Enable hybrid IT by establishing high-speed connectivity between private and public cloud environments

Where You Connect Matters

Accelerate time to market on a global platform, alongside ecosystems and resources for a competitive edge. Together, Unitas and Equinix can accelerate your digital transformation and cloud-first network strategy.

  • Cloud advisory
  • Managed cloud
  • Business continuity
  • Managed connectivity
  • Managed IT services
  • Managed applications


  • Trusted Equinix Professional Services partner
  • Award-winning cloud access connectivity platform
  • End-to-end connected hybrid cloud offerings
  • Proven skills in utilizing the best resources and technologies for their clients
  • Disciplined client engagement methodology
  • Skilled integration of new and legacy systems
  • 24x7x365 Cloud Management Center managing and monitoring

Working with Unitas: A Case Study Video