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Building Business Advantage and Multicloud Access with Cisco SD-WAN

Digital applications are moving to the cloud and digital-savvy users need access to multiple clouds for all their applications. Businesses need to connect to mobile users, devices and things (IoT) in real time and with low latency. This can present challenges for traditional WANs.

Cisco and Equinix combined solutions give customers a tightly integrated portfolio of SDN, NFV and edge product capabilities. Enterprises get a choice of physical and virtual deployment models for branch, multicloud and hybrid IT use cases.

The Network is the Foundation of Digital Transformation

Regional distribution of Cisco network solutions in strategic Equinix locations bring
services closer to end users to reduce latency and maximize performance.


70% of devices connected to Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric
(ECX Fabric™) are Cisco devices

Enterprise Networking Solutions to Help Your SD-WAN Journey

Cisco holds 46.4% of the Worldwide SD-WAN Infrastructure market share, according to IDC’s most recent market share report. Equinix and Cisco offer a tightly integrated portfolio of SDN, NFV and edge product capabilities providing customers a choice of physical and virtual deployment models for branch, multicloud, and hybrid IT use cases.

Cisco and Equinix provide pre-tested and validated deployment architectures, such as Cisco’s SD-WAN Cloud onRamp for Colocation, SD-WAN design and edge services.


Secure and Optimized

Secure, optimized, multicloud WAN with interconnections

Cost Reduction

Reduction in current MPLS monthly spend

Simplified Architectures

Pre-validated deployment architectures and services ensure integration across SDN, NFV and edge product capabilities

  Benefits of Cisco and Equinix Collaboration

  • Reduce CAPEX by consolidating security measure at central points of presence
  • Consolidate relevant security policies across user types
  • Right security at the right place with full edge security stack from branch to colocation to cloud
  • Optimize data path for multicloud access via cloud-to-cloud routing
  • Streamline branch deployments and bring uses closer to apps
  • Get dynamic bandwidth options
  • One dashboard to manage branch, colocation, cloud and security
  • Flexible physical or virtual deployment options
  • Directly connect with Cloud/IAAS/SAAS apps with improved user experience

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation Journey with SD-WAN