Equinix and F5 networks deliver automated HSM as a service

Your apps—fast, available and secure in any cloud

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Improve Business Outcomes and Application Experiences with Equinix

Get lightning fast, ultra-low latency connections to the public clouds used by most organizations via a virtual interconnection solution—Equinix Fabric™.

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Directly, securely and dynamically connect distributed infrastructure and digital ecosystems using the Equinix | F5 cloud gateway via Equinix Fabric™ and global, software-defined interconnection. Leverage the economics and services of multiple clouds in real time across all workloads while maintaining full application security and control from the F5 Big-IP Platform. Comprehensive gateway security services mitigate risk through identity federation, enable critical visibility and deeper intelligence about your network and cloud traffic, and protect against DDoS and other threats.

Enhanced Security for Financial Services

Customers benefit from data center consolidation with enhanced security and control access for AWS. Get SSL orchestration to NGFWs.

Secure Commercial Banking

Enable secure access through SSL orchestration and Web Application Firewall (WAF). Mitigate risk through identity and access management.

Safeguard Pharmaceutical Research

Firms can protect sensitive data by ensuring access control, secure SSL inspection and GSLB.

Features and Benefits

Deliver a consistent user experience

Use the F5 Big IP cloud gateway for greater cloud flexibility and consistent user experience across all your applications, no matter what cloud they may be using

Secure access across the hybrid cloud environment

Provide secure access for your users to all applications, workloads and data across your entire hybrid cloud environment

Enable single point of control

Orchestrate command and control of network traffic and security across all cloud infrastructure from a single point with a highly resilient and responsive IT infrastructure

Identity federation

Mitigate risk by providing dynamic, centralized and adaptive access control and identity federation for all applications, anywhere

SSL termination & inspection

Gain critical visibility and deeper intelligence about your network and cloud traffic with Equinix SmartKey™ integration

DDoS protection

Protect your data with a high-value, simple-to-deploy, easy-to-manage, next-generation distributed denial of service (DDoS) solution that guards against the most aggressive and targeted DDoS attacks