Culture and Values


The Magic of Equinix


Our Purpose

To be the platform where the world comes together, enabling the innovations that enrich our work, life and planet


Our Culture

The collective personality of our company that will determine our destiny


The Magic of Equinix is built on a set of uncompromising values that put the customer at the center of everything we do. Our culture has always been one of inclusivity, innovation and ambition. We believe in fostering an atmosphere where everyone enjoys coming to work and can confidently say, “I’m safe, I belong and I matter.” At the end of each day, the Magic of Equinix, and the people that bring it to life are the things I love most about working at this company. Our culture is integral to our competitive advantage and is the foundation for our journey to becoming the trusted center of cloud-first world!

— Charles Meyers, CEO


Our Values

Putting the customer at the center of everything we do. We don't compromise on our values.


Open your mind, open your heart

  • Keep your mind and your door open
  • Listen to, understand and be balanced in your perspective
  • Show respect and have compassion
  • Embrace diversity in thought and contribution

Keep your promises

  • Be accountable and insist on it from others
  • Commit fully
  • Be get more done when people trust you

Be an energy supplier

  • Be positive
  • Inspire others with your passions, make our ambition for Equinix infectious
  • Leave people better than you found them

Serve others

  • Think bigger than yourself
  • Advocate for our customers
  • Serve our communities

Find a better way

  • Set high standards of excellence & value disciplined execution
  • Foster creativity...experiment, fail fast, learn quickly
  • Be tenacious
  • Embrace simplicity & speed

Keep growing

  • Be a learner and a teacher
  • Fuel company growth through personal growth
  • Be invested in your development and we’ll invest in you

Put we before me

  • Win as a team
  • Remember none of us is as smart as all of us
  • Be committed to each other’s success as we are to our own
  • Share the credit, shoulder the blame
  • Communicate with radical transparency
  • Collaborate unselfishly

Speak up, step up

  • Have the conviction to say what you think
  • Have the courage to take action
  • Recognize one person can make a difference


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