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Equinix Performance Hub™ is a solution enabling enterprises to extend their network to an Equinix IBX to improve WAN, application and cloud performance while laying the foundation for a high performance hybrid cloud implementation. Performance Hub allows enterprises to deploy corporate IT resources in Equinix data centers closest to their users, customers and partners. These data centers are located in 40 key metro areas and are connected to a wide choice of networks and cloud providers. This distributed, connectivity-driven approach to data center computing has been proven by Gartner, 451 Group, and many enterprise customers to provide dramatic benefits in application and network performance, as well as in business and IT agility. Equinix Performance Hub solutions can be implemented gradually, without disrupting your budget.

Performance Hub Features

Equinix Performance Hub solutions can be implemented gradually—without disrupting your budget. You don't have to close or move out of existing data centers; you can simply channel future data center investments into Performance Hub deployments as your business needs grow or change. Before committing to full-scale deployment, you can test and measure the impact of Performance Hub designs on your applications and workloads. Equinix Performance Hub provides an easy, affordable, low-risk way to upgrade and future-proof your data center—it's a transitional IT strategy with transformational business impact.


  • Multiple data center deployments
    IT infrastructure is strategically located in multiple data centers near high concentrations of customers, partners, employees, and other end users.
  • WAN routes optimized for performance and efficiency
    Equinix Performance Hub solutions rewire your corporate WAN using network services and routes that have been evaluated and tested to meet your application performance needs and business requirements (network evaluation, selection and provisioning services are available).
  • Links to your corporate WAN
    Your IT infrastructure in Equinix data centers is linked to your corporate data center(s) and/or branch facilities via reliable, resilient, and often redundant network connections.
  • Direct connections to cloud services
    Reliable, secure, high-performance connections between your enterprise WAN and multiple cloud services (including hosted private clouds and public clouds), providing the ideal data center platform for transitioning to hybrid cloud computing.
  • Multiple implementation options
    Design and deploy Equinix Performance Hub solutions using one of our many reference architectures, or choose a turnkey service delivered by Equinix and our qualified partners.


Find out how communication hubs can boost your WAN performance and help your business take off.

Benefits of Performance Hub

Equinix Performance Hub provides an easy, affordable, low-risk way to upgrade and future-proof your data center; it's a transitional IT strategy with transformational business impact. In tests conducted in our Solution Validation Centers, Equinix Performance Hub deployments have logged dramatic performance gains over conventional networking solutions. Results include:

  • Web server response times became 65% faster.
  • SharePoint ran 39% faster.
  • VDI launch times improved 40%.
  • Video streaming experienced 47% lower network latency.
  • Data backup time slashed from 200 hours to less than 2 hours.

Equinix Performance Hub Solution also provides:

  • Globally consistent quality-of-experience (QoE)
    Optimizes network and application QoE by providing higher throughput, low latency, and proximity to end users and employees worldwide.
  • Greater access to cloud services
    Simplifies private cloud deployments and provides secure, direct connectivity to public clouds, streamlining your transition to hybrid cloud computing.
  • Highly efficient WAN architecture
    Streamlines your network architecture, reduces WAN costs, and provides reliable, high-speed access to cloud services.
  • Broad choice in ICT providers
    Choose from 1,100+ networks, 500+ cloud providers, and 600+ IT service providers within our data centers.
  • Better manageability
    Provides the agility, security, and visibility needed to streamline your WAN and take control of which network routes handle your data traffic.
  • Worldwide deployability
    Get unrivaled geographic choice of where you deploy Equinix Performance Hub nodes, with implementation options ranging from turnkey to do-it-yourself in 40 of the world's top business markets.

IBX® Data Center Deployment

Equinix Performance Hub accelerates data and application delivery by staging your IT infrastructure in data centers located near high concentrations of your employees and end customers. With 145 data centers on five continents, Equinix gives you the geographic flexibility to place Performance Hub solutions just about anywhere they're needed—helping you reach the world's top business markets within 10 milliseconds.

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