Miami Data Centers

Miami MI3 colocation services and Internet exchange point, located at Boca Raton, offers premium interconnection services for enterprise and cloud ecosystems by Equinix.

Miami MI2 IBX data center located in the Miami Central Business district in the Metro Mall building is one of the largest Internet exchange points with fiber diversity and satellite roof rights.

Equinix Miami Data Centers

Equinix helps companies accelerate business performance by connecting them to their customers and partners inside the world’s most networked data centers. Our Miami data centers are business hubs for 35+ companies. Our Miami customers can choose from a broad range of network services from 20+ providers. They can also interconnect directly to customers and partners in their digital supply chain.

Our Miami data centers are at the heart of one of the largest Internet exchange points in the world and serve as a major communications gateway to the commercial centers of Latin America. Our Miami colocation facilities provide direct connectivity to a variety of network service providers, ISPs and content delivery networks (CDNs), among others.


Miami Offerings

Our Miami colocation centers also offer:

  • The ability to serve Latin American markets while keeping infrastructure in the U.S. for regulatory, technological and operational simplicity
  • 2 buildings with almost 30,000 square feet of colocation space
  • Ability to interconnect directly to 35+ companies colocated with Equinix here
  • Dense concentrations of financial services companies, cloud and IT providers, network service providers, ISPs, content delivery networks and enterprises
  • The lowest latency route to Brazil via GlobeNet, a submarine telecommunications cable system linking the U.S., Bermuda, Venezuela and Brazil
  • Business continuity with facilities outside of the evacuation zone for up to Category 5 hurricanes
  • Connections to 20+ network service providers

Miami IBX® Benefits

  • Direct connectivity to leading Latin American networks reduces latency to customers in Central and South America
  • Directly connect to leading content sources, advertising exchanges and social networks
  • Direct access to the most popular networks, ISPs and CDNs
  • Proximity to Latin America gives enterprises high-speed connections to fast-growing markets while maintaining infrastructure in the U.S. for regulatory, technological and operational simplicity
  • Key hub for domestic and international communications routes
  • Access to undersea cable landing stations
 Miami Locations
Equinix MI2
36 NE Second St. Suites 100, 120 and 550
Miami, FL 33132
Phone: (800) 322-9280
Equinix MI3
4680 Conference Way South Suite 150
Boca Raton, FL 33431
Phone: (800) 322-9280

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