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Zurich is the economic, scientific, and social center of Switzerland. Renowned for its banking and financial services sector, based on a legally-protected tradition of security and confidentiality, Zurich is home to 85% of the largest businesses in Switzerland, over 80% of assets held in the country, and five ISO-certified Equinix IBX® data centres.

Zurich is not just the most important offshore banking city in the world but a renowned center of research and development and global business hub, attracting companies across all sectors with its high quality of life, low company tax rates, and a highly educated, multilingual, multinational workforce.

With 99,000 square feet of centrally-located, highly secure colocation space, Equinix’s Zurich datacenters put you in the right place to deliver, with an extensive network choice and the ability to interconnect to partners and customers right across the digital supply chain. With all major European cities within two hours by air or rail, and a fast, reliable ICT infrastructure that puts 80% of Europe within a 30ms latency round trip, Zurich is at the heart of Europe, and Equinix at the heart of Zurich.

Our Zurich data centers offer connectivity to SIX Swiss Exchange, Switzerland’s leading stock exchange, as well as to the country’s two largest Internet exchanges, Equinix Internet Exchange and Swiss IX. The newest addition to our Zurich colocation centers, ZH5, is connected to other Equinix facilities in the metro area by a dark fiber ring, allowing customers to directly connect to other businesses within ZH5 or our Zurich campus.

Zurich Offerings

Our Zurich data centers also offer:

  • Equinix have five data centers in Zurich, providing over 99,000 sq. ft. of colocation space with access to top local and global markets.
  • The central locations of the Equinix Zurich IBX® data centers are ideal for network service providers who deliver into the banking district, and for companies based in this European financial services and media powerhouse.
  • All centres are certified ISO9001:2008 and ISO27001:2005
  • Gold LEED certification for environmental sustainability (ZH5)
  • Connections to 75+ network service providers
  • Ability to interconnect directly to 210+ companies colocated with Equinix in Zurich
  • High levels of physical security, combined with data protection and privacy offered under Swiss law
  • Low cost, high density 100% green energy, increasing your efficiency and reducing your carbon footprint, while providing an uninterruptable power supply with built in redundancy
  • Dense concentrations of network, cloud, content, enterprise and financial services firms

Zurich IBX® Benefits

Finance and Market Solutions - Equinix data center solutions
Network Connection Solutions - Equinix data center solutions
  • Ability to reach 80% of Europe within 30ms makes colocation in Zurich ideal for enterprises with multiple European offices
  • Strategically located in the heart of one of Europe’s largest financial markets
  • ZH4 data center offers scalable technical space, leading operational resilience, world-class security and a high-performance network ecosystem
  • ZH4 is the main data center for Swiss Exchange AG's new trading platform X-stream Inet and acts as the main colocation site for customers of SIX Swiss Exchange Group
  • Peering access to more than 75 network operators
  • Access to nearly 100 network providers' core and service nodes
  • Compliant with key international standards including ISO 9001: 2008 for quality management systems and ISO/IEC 27001:2005 for information security management systems
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Zurich Metro

Equinix ZH1
Hardstrasse 235
Zurich Switzerland 8005

Equinix ZH2
Josefstrasse 225
Zurich Switzerland 8005

Equinix ZH3
Letzigraben 75
Zurich Switzerland 8003

Equinix ZH4
Josefstrasse 225
Zurich Switzerland 8005

Equinix ZH5
Allmendstrasse 13
Oberengstringen Switzerland 8102