The Power of Interconnection

We're entering the interconnected era, where machines and companies aren't only transacting and collaborating, they're also participating in shared value creation. As businesses become increasingly interdependent and cloud-enabled, they need reliable, secure and instantaneous connectivity to compete. They need access to many clouds and real-time data across geographies. They need interconnection.

Equinix Interconnection

Interconnection is the ability to connect in many ways to the many partners, customers, employees and geographies today's enterprises need to accelerate business performance and create new opportunities. Equinix is the world's interconnection leader with 6,300+ customers spanning 40 markets and five continents. We are better equipped than anyone to deliver the level of instant, secure, dense interconnection across industries and geographies that today's businesses need to succeed.

The history of interconnection is as dynamic, fluid and fast-paced as the technologies that have driven it. As we have progressed through the digital economy's phases—the computing, network, connected and interconnected eras—connectivity has been a constant catalyst for growth and opportunity.

How did we get here?

We are now in the interconnected era. Reliable and instant interconnection across ecosystems and geographies has opened new paths to growth and opportunity. But now this kind of robust, enterprise-strength interconnection is no longer just a source of advantage, it's a requirement for survival.

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