Public Cloud Partners


As the home of the interconnected cloud, Equinix provides access to a rich ecosystem of 2,900+ cloud service providers. Equinix Cloud Exchange™ provides seamless, on-demand and direct access to multiple clouds in multiple Platform Equinix™ IBX® data center locations across the globe. And the network virtualization technologies inherent in Equinix Cloud Exchange make connections to cloud services as elastic and easy-to-provision as the cloud itself.

Direct Access to Leading Cloud Services

Equinix Platform Partners offer the key technologies that drive value in the digital economy. These partners represent top-tier providers of innovative and proven technologies that have been deployed across Platform Equinix to leverage our global footprint and interconnected ecosystem of providers.


Our platform partners include:

EQ_IMG_Solutions_Cloud-Infra-Direct-Partners-Logo-1_300x110NetApp—With NetApp as part of your Equinix deployment, you can locate reliable, scalable storage right next to your cloud service provider, enabling cost-effective hybrid solutions that provide all the cost and agility benefits of public cloud combined with the availability, security and compliance of your data on private enterprise storage.

EQ_IMG_Solutions_Cloud-Infra-Direct-Partners-Logo-2_300x110Amazon Web Services (AWS)—AWS Direct Connect lets you establish private data connections that bypass the public Internet. Bypassing public networks improves performance, reduces costs, increases security, ensures consistent throughput and enables many hybrid cloud use cases.

EQ_IMG_Solutions_Cloud-Infra-Direct-Partners-Logo-3_300x110Microsoft—Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute provides a private, dedicated, high-throughput network connection between Microsoft Azure data centers and on-premises IT environments. ExpressRoute connections bypass the public Internet and offer more reliability, faster speeds, lower latencies and higher security.