Multi-Site Your IT

MarketsandMarkets estimates the colocation market will grow from $25.72 billion in 2013 to $43.34 billion by 2018 (a CAGR of 11.0%). Cutting down in-house IT overhead and maintenance costs and ensuring performance, scalability, security and reliability are many of the compelling reasons for this market growth. Another benefit of multi-siting your IT infrastructure is the flexibility you get for customizing your content and application delivery to meet the changing needs of your business.

Improve your customers' quality of experience (QoE).

By deploying Equinix Performance Hub™ as an extension node of your network within globally distributed Equinix IBX® data centers, you can strategically place customized content and applications environments closer to your regional end users and local network providers, improving their QoE. You can also leverage global access to multiple interconnections to networks, Internet and cloud services, and industry ecosystems that only Equinix's distributed IT infrastructure can deliver.

A distributed IT infrastructure helps you improve QoE by bringing your content and applications closer to end users. Hosting proximity lowers network latency and increases bandwidth for better performance and more consistent delivery of services. Low-latency, high-bandwidth networks also enable fast and consistent disaster recovery (DR) and replication environments that can scale to accommodate large amounts of data.



Multiple Interconnections for Greater Flexibility and Cost Control

1,800+ networks and the top 10 global and regional Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) providers reside in Equinix's worldwide IBX data centers, providing a variety of cost-effective networking options. The choice of networks includes various speeds (Fast Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet) and types of connections (CAT5/6, coax and fiber).

Interconnection is critical to cloud success. Equinix is the home of the interconnected cloud, where you can gain access to 2,900+ cloud service providers, including leading cloud providers such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft. Equinix Cloud Exchange™ connects you directly to the broadest choice of cloud offerings from around the world so you can always align your chosen cloud services with your changing content and application delivery needs.

Multiple Ecosystems to Expand Your Business

By colocating in Equinix IBX data centers, you gain access to a variety of Equinix business ecosystems, including the enterprise, cloud, content, financial, mobility and networking industries. By joining these ecosystems you can expand your global reach into these industries, improve content and application delivery performance, and simplify your data center deployment.

Equinix business exchanges can give you access to:

  • New markets and the widest range of potential customers; 9,700+ companies live in Equinix via Equinix’s enterprise ecosystem
  • More than 2,900+ cloud, IT service providers and systems integrators to enable the fast deployment of private, public and hybrid cloud environments via Equinix's cloud ecosystem
  • Top CDNs, MSOs, ISPs and mobile data providers and over 500 traffic aggregators, including the top social media and ad networks via Equinix's content ecosystem
  • 175+ exchanges and trading platforms, over 475+ buy- and sell-side firms, and 150+ financial service technology providers via Equinix's financial ecosystem
  • The widest choice of global, regional, broadband, metro access and mobile network partners via Equinix's mobile ecosystem
  • 1,800+ networks via Equinix's network ecosystem

Leverage global access to multiple interconnections to networks, Internet and cloud services, and industry ecosystems that only Equinix's distributed IT infrastructure can deliver.



Global Professional Services

Our Global Solutions Architects can help you test and measure the impact of your multi-site deployments on your applications and workloads in our Equinix Solution Validation Centers™.