Equinix Performance Hub: Use Cases


The Equinix Performance Hub™ solution helps companies of all sizes address a broad range of business and IT challenges. Our Performance Hub solution collocates and connects your IT infrastructure to deliver the greatest impact on your business while working with your technology and budget.



Improved and Consistent Application QoE Across Regions

Ensure a high quality of experience (QoE) by staging application servers and other IT infrastructure closer to end users and by connecting to fast, efficient networks. Equinix Performance Hub can help you deliver the right QoE anywhere, on any device while expanding the number of endpoints and applications you serve.

How will your current network infrastructure handle the boom in traffic growth and still deliver QoE?


Secure, Private and Direct Connectivity to the Cloud

To migrate a wider range of applications and business processes to the cloud, you need fast, reliable, and secure connections between your corporate data center and your cloud service providers. Equinix Performance Hub solutions give you the most—and best—options for private and direct connectivity to clouds.


Next Generation WAN Architecture

When you deploy Performance Hub solutions in any of Equinix’s 44 metros worldwide, you get instant access to an unmatched range in networks; so you can increase bandwidth, reduce latency, and lower administrative costs while managing fewer circuits.


Hybrid Cloud Deployments

As your IT environment evolves to include more cloud services from multiple providers, you’ll need better ways to interconnect these services so they function as a seamless whole. Our Performance Hub connects to Equinix Cloud Exchange™. Together, these two solutions form a flexible, future-proofed foundation for building private, hybrid, and multi clouds.



Equinix with its solutions such as Performance Hub and network peering services such as Equinix Internet Exchange and Equinix Cloud Exchange can be integrated with intelligent WAN or SD-WAN solutions to resolve the end-to-end connectivity issues, while solving for optimized network transit with scale and performance.