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Security Monitoring/Vulnerability Diagnostic Services

Improve security level and management efficiency

Equinix Security Monitoring/Vulnerability Diagnostic Services provide checks on your system’s vulnerabilities remotely from the viewpoint of the attacker and visualize the overall risk. Additionally, our professional Security Operations Center (SOC) team conducts real-time surveillance and monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. These services enable the early discovery of security incidents to improve security level and security management efficiency.

Solutions Offered

Superior expertise

Our experts monitor day-to-day IT security along with addressing security threats and stay updated with the latest security technologies and threats.

Security vulnerability assessment

Remotely inspect your system’s vulnerabilities and view diagnostics report via the network. We provide platform diagnosis for server and network device vulnerabilities and web application diagnosis.

Managed security services

Our SOC analysts monitor and analyze security devices and logs 24/7, in real time. By analyzing the voluminous security log, we detect signs of attack, assess the potential damage and advice you on the necessary countermeasures.