Our Team Delivers

  • Industry leading monitoring and management of network and infrastructure assets
  • Business continuity solutions in conjunction with our best-in-class network and connectivity services
  • Network and security services within our regulatory compliant IBX facilities
  • Best-in-class management, processes and capabilities
  • Optimised operational spend, leveraging cloud and virtualisation

Technical Solution Services

Equinix Solution consultants work with a diverse range of organisationsto design, build and run a be spoke IT platform that fits their business priorities, budget and timelines.We provide the skills and expertise to help create secure and reliable compute, storage, network and back-up solutions, tailored to current and future business needs.


Our flexible, dedicated physical storage features simple, on-demand provisioning. Built for security and performance, solutions are underpinned by strict compliance with European privacy laws. Gain the cost benefits of the public cloud’s shared resource, delivered on shared or dedicated, private equipment.


Equinix private IaaS solutionsoffer dedicated processing power with storage, networking, computeand management within our secureIBXfacilities. Our private option provides maximum security and dedicated computing on your own network, storage and management hardware, all housed in your owndedicated rack. Easily connectto public cloud services andcreate a hybrid or multi-cloud environment.

Backup & Recovery Services

Fully-managed data backup and recovery services that reduce restoretimes from data loss, corruption, human error and natural disasters,givingyou the capacity to deliver business continuity and growth.

Network Services

Provision secure, redundant connectivity to the internet and leading Cloud Service Providers. Choosea variety ofconnectivity options to, from andbetween our data centres, and with our Managed Performance Hub®, gain direct access to;the widest choice of international and local fixed line, broadband and mobile networks, internet exchange points, content distribution networks, trading platforms and cloud hubs.

Security Services

Defend against IT attacks, even before they happen. Our experts design, build and manage security solutions that can be tailored to business goals, budget and timelines, built with industry leading trusted vendors.Our standard solutions include Firewall services, IPS/IDS and DDoS Mitigation.