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Data Services

Support and leverage your data experience through interconnection

Transforming your business will demand a new digital experience to your data. Equinix works with multiple data lifecycle management and infrastructure solutions to support and leverage your data experience and performance through the interconnection journey.

Solutions Offered

Object Storage

Object Storage is ideal for storage and managing large volumes of unstructured data.

  • Responsive and straightforward access to data via REST APIs
  • High performance and storage capacity
  • Used for Analytics, Big Data, Data Archiving and Compliance
  • Import existing data stores for backup or archive
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Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Centralize your data to optimize the use of storage capacity, facilitate data access and improve the security of your backups.

  • Optimize the use of storage capacity and the security of your backups
  • Data access is performed through an existing network infrastructure that interconnects storage devices with your servers
  • Redundant infrastructure protects your data, even in case of double disk failures
  • We offer an exclusive network for data exchange
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Storage Area Network (SAN)

Store your data in a robust and secure infrastructure, with fully redundant network topology distributed via Fiber Channel or iSCSI.

  • Security with SLA and IOPS performance guaranteed in a contract
  • Dedicated Network to support high speeds and low latency
  • Enable data replication between two different IBX data centers
  • Storage capacity offered as a service
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Managed Backup

We can handle a large volume of data and reduce the complexity of backup systems with our complete Managed Backup solution. We ensure reliable backup for the files on your storage, database (Oracle and SQL Server) and virtual machines by installing agents on physical hosts.

  • Quickly recover your data in cases of hardware failure, application, security or human error
  • Specialized team to generate backups, change tapes and periodic tests to ensure the proper functioning of the solution
  • Automatic backups, everyday at the scheduled time, according to the defined policy
  • Get backup files in the file system or information searched in applications themselves (e-mails, databases, virtual machines, etc.)
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