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IT Professional Services

Based on your technical and business requirements, we provide the expertise you need to build reliable, high-performance IT systems, from back-end operations to web services. Our engineers have deep experience working with Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers and work on all projects, no matter their scope.

System Integration Services

We construct various systems according to your IT environment and requirements. Our optimized proposals cover all phases from planning, requirements to definition, design, development and operation. We also provide recommendations to combine solutions to satisfy your business needs:

  • Data center relocation; cloud environment construction; system design, construction and introduction; and transition, including vendor solutions

  • Creation of various documents, such as requirement definition, overview design, detailed design and operation manual

  • Development of a wide range of applications, including business systems, e-commerce sites and smartphone applications



System Engineering Services

Our one-stop system engineering services include technical consulting, system development, IT infrastructure requirements, design, construction, operation and maintenance. Your systems will be up and running quicker and are more reliable without the need to hire your own in-house expertise.

Engineer Dispatch Services

Based on your needs, Equinix engineers provide technical assistance at your office — even if they did not work on the business requirements. We always work flexibly under your direction:

  • IT support

  • Operation management and maintenance support

  • Systemization planning and design support

  • System development support


License number: General worker permit number sect. 13-301753

For margin rate related to the dispatch business, contact APAC-JP-ejtsinfo@ap.equinix.com

*These services are only available in Japan.

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