Equinix Precision Time™

Deliver secure, reliable and precise time synchronization

Get a global, precise and secure Time-as-a-Service application for distributed enterprise systems through Equinix Fabric™

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Time and cost savings

Equinix manages and maintains GPS antennas, receivers, grandmaster clocks, and time servers, reducing time spent onprecise timekeeping

High accuracy

Predictable time synchronization with PTP accuracy of up to 50 microseconds

Product flexibility

Choose between Precision Time Protocol (PTP) and Network Time Protocol (NTP), enable automated provisioning of servers and leverage the Technical Documentation Center for various methods of cascading time.


Available in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Brazil via Equinix Fabric™.

Solve for key use cases

See how Equinix Precision Time helps to simplify industry-specific challenges.

Financial services

Enables high-frequency trading platforms to maintain exceedingly precise time (in the order of ns, single digit μs) to maintain an ordered sequence of transactions

Media and entertainment

Online streaming services, programmatic advertising and gaming companies can maintain accuracy by preventing “lip-sync” errors and ensure chronological order of play in multi-player games

Enterprise applications

A narrow drift offset is needed for distributed transactional apps/DBs, accurate ordering of logs, preventing online attacks (sequence of events)