Cloud Optimization


EPS Cloud employs a three-phased cloud optimization approach, showing cost savings models and implementation of recommended changes in each phase to ensure that you:

  • Only pay for what you use
  • Achieve ROI by employing a commitment-based pricing model
  • Achieve additional savings with a purpose-built infrastructure and the latest cloud features

EPS Cloud Optimization Engagement

Phase 1 – Dynamic Uptime, Scaling and Scheduling
In a typical environment, a large amount of systems are used only during business hours, meaning that backend systems frequently sit idle, other than running monthly, quarterly or yearly batch functions. Phase 1 focuses on helping your company obtain the best ROI from your systems, 24/7/365.

Phase 2 – Leveraging Purchase Commitments
The majority of cloud platform providers offer large discounts for spending commitments-that is, a minimum amount of usage over a period of time. Understanding these models can be the difference between cloud-spend spiraling out of control and ensuring ROI.

Phase 3 – Right-Sizing and Feature Evolution
Many cloud infrastructures start out as “Lift and Shift” projects, where existing on-premises infrastructures are mapped to the cloud on an as-is basis. Although it can be done quickly, this approach can result in oversized and ineffective systems. Even if an infrastructure was perfectly sized at initial set-up, cloud platform providers are constantly updating features and offering performance enhancements.

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Hyper Care

EPS Cloud’s Hyper Care services provides 24x7x365 management, monitoring, provisioning, and troubleshooting of your cloud workloads during the stabilization period after go-live date.

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High-impact, two-day cloud workshop

Develop a roadmap and architect a customized strategy for your journey to the cloud in our high-impact, two-day workshop.