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Cloud Enablement


The Cloud Enablement suite of services make it easier than ever to complete the setup and configuration necessary to activate your connection to the cloud. EPS Cloud leverages decades of virtualization and cloud agnostic experience to create the foundational cloud elements, security setup and cloud training tailored to your company’s specific needs and requirements.

  • Cloud Connectivity
  • Cloud Foundation
  • Cloud Security
  • Cloud Training

Cloud Enablement Benefits

  • Ease the transition to the cloud from a technical and business perspective.
  • Attain a solid cloud foundation that supports your existing applications and infrastructure requirements, and provides the flexibility to easily grow and change with your company requirements.
  • Quickly train your team on everything Cloud and enable them to work side by side with EPS Cloud’s highly experienced cloud engineers and architects during the implementation process.

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Cloud Enablement Solutions

Equinix Cloud Exchange Enablement

With Equinix Cloud Exchange™ (ECX), Equinix delivers end-to-end capabilities that help enterprises build scalable, highly available, resilient, cost-efficient and secure interconnected cloud environments. And now, with Equinix Cloud Exchange Enablement, Equinix and EPS Cloud have made it easier than ever to complete the set up and configuration necessary to activate your connection to the cloud.

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Equinix Office 365 Enablement

To make designing and configuring your Office 365 environment even easier, Equinix and EPS Cloud offers the Office 365 Enablement Package. These services are available either as a bundled component of the ECX or as stand-alone services provided by EPS Cloud, Microsoft’s recommended U.S. Systems Integrator for ExpressRoute.

You’ll find the Office 365 Enablement Package is particularly helpful if you are dealing with scenarios involving hybrid cloud, when the cloud environment will host some apps but not others, if your company needs to solve for complex failover scenarios or if your company has multiple data center or regional entry points to the Microsoft cloud.

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*Microsoft ExpressRoute is not required for Office 365 except where mandated to use direct networking for regulatory purposes or where a network assessment for Skype for Business connectivity requires it (Media Quality and Network Connectivity Performance in Skype for Business Online). For more information ›

Cloud Foundation

EPS Cloud creates the foundational elements for your cloud infrastructure, providing you with a fully functional, secure and connected environment from which to grow and thrive.

As enterprises of all sizes begin to see the cloud as a sustainable next step in the evolution of IT (as opposed to viewing it as “bleeding edge” technology), this shift in perception has created a growing need for a way to introduce the cloud as a trusted expansion of their organization’s current infrastructure (whether on-premises or colocated).

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High-impact, two-day cloud workshop

Develop a roadmap and architect a customized strategy for your journey to the cloud in our high-impact, two-day workshop.