Benefits of Digital Collaboration

The recent trend toward increased remote work and online collaboration is highlighting a more pervasive and long-lasting transformation in how, when and where people work. Business leaders need to be part of a strategic discussion and ask how they can keep their data safe, stay compliant with government regulation, manage their analytics, stay ahead of global digital transformation and at the same time be cost effective and improve user experience. This white paper outlines some key questions and solutions business leaders must consider to stay ahead of this disruption.


  • Goals for online collaboration in times of remote work
  • Technology needs of a business organization
  • Improve the underlying infrastructure of applications that enable smooth collaboration
  • Apply effective technical solutions from Equinix to connect remote employees, customers, applications and partners

Business executives need do more than approve requests for funding and sign the checks; they must understand how technology choices inform and impact everything from workforce productivity to increasing operational flexibility.

- TechTarget–Equinix white paper, Succeeding in the Era of Remote Work: Business Benefits of Online Collaboration

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