How Fraud is Plaguing the Online Advertising Industry

This paper briefly examines the origins of the current online advertising marketplace, how the marketplace operates today, and how fraud has become so rampant it threatens the entire paradigm. It also explores how a novel “clean” approach to the online infrastructure, known as Equinix Ad-IX Ecosystem™, offers a solution that benefits all parties involved.

  • Digital advertising represents a $43.8 billion industry (2015), with $6.3 billion of that based on fraudulent activity
  • Bots are corrupting retargeted ads because of more sophisticated user Web histories than actual users.
  • The combination of the Equinix Ad-IX Ecosystem and Forensiq technologies has created the most efficient and fraud-proof advertising marketplace in history.

Forensiq has observed millions of hijacked devices committing billions of dollars worth of ad fraud. Remarkably, 15% of these devices are newly hijacked on a daily basis. Reduced latency equates to effective time utilization, allowing us to block emerging fraud in real-time

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