Equinix White Paper – A Resilient Internet Peering Architecture for EMEA

As organizations expand and embrace global opportunities, the availability of a globally consistent platform for secure, high-performance interconnection is growing in importance. Peering architecture in EMEA, however, differs widely from country to country. Businesses need a strategy to diversify the peering edge and leverage new hubs that offer geographic resilience.

  • Internet traffic continues to grow at exceptional rates
  • Overall IP traffic is forecast to grow at about 24 percent from 2016 to 2021
  • Existing peering nodes are seen by many countries as critical elements of a national infrastructure

In smaller EMEA countries, we will see the strengthening of the primary peering hub. While these markets have a maturing peering and content architecture, some still believe there is too much traffic hair-pinning in and out of the EMEA super hubs (London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt).

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