Tap into Digital Trade Opportunities for Australia

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Governments around the world are making plans to shore up their digital economies, particularly in the wake of the Covid-19 and the chaos it has caused in the financial markets. What can businesses do to avert a crisis? How can they use interconnection as a way to fast track transformation strategies to take advantage of digital trade?

Digital trade is on the rise globally. The recently announced Australia and Singapore Digital Economy initiative is just one example, with more to come. Australian business leaders must take note of digital trade and global interconnection in 2020 and what they need to do to capitalise on the opportunity.


  • Find out what the new age of global connectivity means for business
  • Learn where Australian businesses rank when it comes to digital readiness
  • Discover how Australian businesses can capitalise on the opportunity of going global with interconnection
If digital goods and services were a sector it would be Australia’s fourth-largest export sector, valued at around $6 billion.
Export Council of Australia

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