Digital Production Partnership (DPP) Makes Predictions About Media Industry

Equinix assembled DPP members for a special event to look at the media landscape and predict what will have the greatest business impact, both good and bad, for the industry. They focused around the technical, business and social trends expected to have the most influence over the next 1 to 2 years.


  • Consumers increasingly expect a single interface through which they can search content from different providers – both online distributors and linear broadcasters
  • Connected and cloud-led tools and services will soon become the backbone of the media industry, with the next two years seeing the most growing pains
  • There will be more content from more sources on more platforms, with much of it of higher quality and created with greater speed

What is immediately striking is not only that getting ‘cloud ready’ emerged as the activity that will have the greatest near term business impact overall, but also that so many attendees assess it as the prediction carrying the single greatest impact.

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