Hybrid IT - Why Cloud Adjacency Matters

Achieve enterprise IT cost reduction goals, accelerate Capex to Opex conversion, leverage the cloud without required legacy infrastructure upgrades—all while enabling modernization that supports a new hybrid environment to meet changing business demands with ease.


  • Increased agility to deploy, connect and scale resources to either cloud or on-premises infrastructure.
  • Enhanced security enabled by privately connecting to your hybrid environment, bypassing the public internet entirely.
  • Deep integration with AWS and VMware (including 25 Direct Connect locations globally) and Oracle (including 8 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect locations globally), offering sub-millisecond round-trip latency for enhanced performance.
  • Connectivity to all clouds, SaaS, and service providers to enhance multicloud performance

The hybrid cloud market is set to explode, with some analysts projecting growth from $44B in 2018 to nearly $100B in 2023.” - Hybrid Cloud Market – Global Forecast to 2023,” Markets and Markets, August 2018

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