Transform Your Business for a Digital World

Even though we are living in a time of more questions than answers, Equinix would like to invite you to learn about solutions that will help your digital business transform. From understanding how we scale our own customer engagement mechanisms to discussing whether you have the right systems, tools and technology in place for the future, we hope to answer your questions and learn more about your business. Find out if you're prepared to face this unique situation.


  • Adapting your business to 2020 (and beyond) with a cloud-smart application strategy
  • Scaling customer engagement mechanisms and complex business processes
  • Collecting actionable insights for better business decision-making
  • Ensuring your business has the right systems, tools, technology and people for the future


Greg Ogle, Vice President of Global IT Infrastructure, Equinix Inc.

Greg Ogle

Greg is a senior IT leader with over 20 years of experience leading and participating with functionally diverse teams in challenging environments at Oracle and VeriSign, and for nearly 12 years at Equinix.  He manages the Global IT Infrastructure organization for Equinix and previously managed the Front Office IT Applications teams. Greg's specialties include creating, communicating and measuring business-focused IT strategies; designing, developing and scaling IT technologies and operations; and executing domestic and international acquisitions and divestitures.

Mark Bowker, Sr. Analyst of Mobility and Security, ESG

Mark Bowker

Mark is a senior analyst for ESG and analyzes what it takes to support the modern applications and cloud consumption models. Leveraging 20+ years of IT industry experience, Mark researches the delivery, management, and experience of cloud services through both IT and end-user lenses.

D. R. Carlson, Director of Partner Transformation, Equinix Inc.

D. R. Carlson

D.R. has worked at Equinix for almost six years as a manager for global messaging channels. He also worked as VP, Sales and Strategic Partnerships for Neovera. He has a degree from James Madison University in Virginia.

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