Top 10 Data Center Trends in Asia-Pacific Infopaper

Traditional enterprise IT is not built to compete in the interconnected era, and businesses in Asia-Pacific are taking action by moving quickly to become interconnected enterprises. This translates into an exciting time for the data center market in the region. Stay abreast of developments with this helpful eGuide published by NetworkWorld Asia.

Culled from NetworkWorld Asia’s interactions with vendors, enterprise users and research analysts in the region, the top three trends are:

  • The changing role of CIOs and IT departments
  • Higher power and cooling demands
  • Availability in an ‘always on’ world

The industry continues to advance at an unprecedented pace,...While many businesses remain cautious about making significant changes to their IT infrastructure due to economic uncertainty and the desire to extend the life of existing facilities, we are seeing innovation on many fronts and the potential for major transformation in the industry has never been more real.

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