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Operators build networks to accommodate peak traffic levels. Zoom, for instance, aims to have 50% more capacity than is needed on average. Thus, while overall internet traffic has increased, core networks had the headroom for it. This is reinforced by insights from Equinix which reveal that some backbone networks were already in the process of upgrading to 100Gbps, creating a pocket of overhead.

– Craig Matsumoto, Senior Analyst, 451 Research (part of S&P Global Market Intelligence)


451 Research - Network—Heavy Services Are Coping with Coronavirus So Far

The core of the internet is holding up as coronavirus and resulting stay-at-home orders are prompting a surge in network traffic. According to 451 Research, the same appears to be true for Internet-based services.

Read this analysis from 451 Research and find out how the outbreak has affected operations for companies providing and supporting digital services - with insights from Kentik's virtual panel session featuring Netflix, Zoom, Dropbox and Equinix. Some of the new traffic patterns might be here to stay, according to the report.


38% of enterprises said they believe expanded work-from-home policies will remain in place for the long term, if not permanently
Equinix has observed a general increase in interconnection requests – services including direct cloud connectivity, peering, virtual routers or VPN aggregation
If demand for cross-connects continues to rise, 451 Research views the ability to create those connections in software – which they call software-programmable interconnection – as a potential differentiator

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