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451 Research – Defining the Edge, Money Flows, Use Cases and Emerging Ecosystem

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While distributed computing is nothing new, edge computing as envisioned will be massively distributed, automated, cloud-native and secure across geographically diverse locations. This excerpt of a report from 451 Research, a part of S&P Market Intelligence, looks at what defines the edge, market drivers and use cases.


  • The pandemic has amplified the usefulness of edge computing in the long term
  • Real-time applications frequently demand response times in the sub-100ms or even sub-10ms range
  • Edge-enabled apps and services will draw wide appeal across consumers and enterprises including autonomous vehicle systems, industrial robotics, AR/VR, video analytics and several gaming formats
The Internet of Things continues to grow across all vertical markets and industries. Each of these industries has specific applications and workloads that demand near-real-time responsiveness (low latency) with the growing need for remote healthcare solutions (telemedicine) and work-at-home priorities – and drive the need for placing computing capacity closer to the network edge
451 Research, a part of S&P Market Intelligence
“Defining the Edge, Money Flows, Use Cases and Emerging Ecosystem,” June 2020

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