Implement a true Oracle Hybrid Cloud solution to enable reliable, high performance and secure connections.

Equinix Extends Global Reach to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Equinix extends access to OCI FastConnect via Equinix Fabric™ in Sao Paulo, Sydney, Melbourne, Zurich, Toronto, Los Angeles and Tokyo to help enterprises across five continents easily and privately connect to Oracle Cloud on Platform Equinix®.


Platform Equinix delivers seamless, private connectivity to Oracle Cloud and the industry’s leading global footprint of data centers provides cloud adjacent access to all the major clouds service providers to enable reliable, high performance and secure connectivity for Oracle Exadata systems.

Oracle Deployment Scenarios

Oracle Cloud

Cloud interconnection on Platform Equinix delivers fast and secure access via Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect to IaaS and PaaS services. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect™ via Equinix Fabric™ provides a safe, elastic, and economical way to create a dedicated and private connection with higher bandwidth options. Build a reliable and consistent networking experience when compared to internet-based connections.

Cloud Adjacent Database

Placing Oracle databases on the Exadata platform inside Equinix next to cloud provider data centers in a cloud adjacent architecture provides businesses with the best of both worlds—the security and control of on-premises IT with the flexibility of the cloud. Equinix and Oracle offer a joint solution for Oracle Database customers to interconnect securely to the clouds where your apps reside with low latency and high performance. With cloud adjacent architecture, Equinix enables your global users to access their applications via Equinix Fabric™ across multiple cloud providers that interconnect to their database deployed on Oracle Exadata systems located in Equinix data centers via Equinix Fabric.

The ideal joint solution for hybrid cloud

Features and Benefits

Consistent high performance

Get reliable and low-latency connections to Oracle Cloud and other CSPs

Reduced costs

Avoid expensive MPLS and VPN circuits

Faster deployment

Get automated, near real-time provisioning for all deployments

Enhanced security

Maintain control of your data and leverage private, secure interconnection

Compliant solutions

End to end control to address regulatory and compliance issues

On-demand scalability

Ability to scale resources with business needs