August 7, 2016

Equinix announces completion of US$28 million Expansion of Melbourne Data Centre

Yarra City Council moves to newly expanded Equinix Melbourne data centre, now home to over 100 companies

SYDNEY, Aug. 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Equinix, Inc., the global interconnection and data centre company, today announced the completion of the second phase expansion of its International Business Exchange (IBX®) in Melbourne, known as ME1. Phase two of ME1 provides 750 new cabinets and brings an additional 17,900 ft² of colocation space to the facility. This US$28 million investment is an indicator of Equinix's continued commitment to customers, prospects and partners in the region.

The news was welcomed by customers, including the newly signed Yarra City Council, who is benefitting from greater choice in managed service and cloud providers, specifically Microsoft Azure and Office 365, which the council rolled out earlier this year.

Key facts/Highlights

  • ME1 is located in Port Melbourne, 2.5 kilometres from the Melbourne CBD.  The completion of the second phase expansion brings the total operational capacity of ME1 to approximately 1,125 cabinets and a total colocation area of 35,790 square feet. 
  • There are over 25 network service providers (NSPs) available in Equinix's Melbourne data centre from a diverse ecosystem of more than 100 customers.
  • The recently completed IBX will enable new and existing customers to use evolving ecosystems in cloud, Network Service Providers, content, financial services and enterprise across other Equinix locations, including those in Sydney.
  • Global service providers can benefit from secure, resilient connectivity across Equinix's facilities in two metros in AustraliaMelbourne and Sydney.
  • ISP and content providers can benefit from a reduction in IP transit costs and an improved end user experience via Equinix Internet Exchange that supports the easy and effective exchange Internet traffic by aggregating thousands of peering sessions onto a shared fabric.
  • With more and more businesses collaborating across borders and a range of platforms, Equinix is a key proponent of the interconnected era. The Equinix Cloud Exchange brings together cloud service providers and users, enabling them to establish affordable, private, high-performance connections within Platform Equinix and accelerate growth.
  • Equinix has 28 IBX data centres in APAC, in five countries and eight metros, including SY1, SY2 and SY3 in Sydney, ME1 in Melbourne, and its new SY4 facility, opening soon in Sydney.
  • Due to the changing expectations of the community and new operational demands, local councils like Yarra City, are increasingly turning to hybrid cloud technology as an alternative to deliver services.
  • Yarra City Council is using Equinix for cloud connectivity via Equinix Cloud Exchange, specifically Microsoft Azure and Office 365, as well as for data backup and disaster recovery. It is also a way to negate CAPEX and provide flexibility in future IT deployments.
  • Since deploying in Equinix's ME1 facility for colocation services, Yarra City Council has saved around US$1,350 on power consumption per month.
  • By 2017, Yarra City Council plans to move all onsite data to Equinix. This will provide enhanced interconnectivity options and a solid foundation on which to evolve its future IT operations.


  • Rick Bottiglieri, Innovation Manager Yarra City Council

"We spoke to four different providers and Equinix just felt right immediately. It was a combination of the quality of the data centre, the unmatched interconnection offering, the global scale of Equinix's operations, and the company's roadmap for the future. Our vision in the next two years is to move our existing data centre operations into Equinix and pursue our cloud-first innovation strategy. This means our staff and the population of Yarra stand to benefit significantly from improved platforms and services and increased, high-speed connectivity."

  • Jeremy Deutsch, Managing Director of Equinix Australia:

"The development and expansion of ME1 phase two addresses the growing demand from businesses planning to expand into Melbourne, which is now home to 25 percent of the Australian business population. Melbourne is a significant site for us, and one of the most requested by our customers. With our twin-metro strategy in Australia, customers can leverage the thriving customer base and the rapidly expanding ecosystems available to them. We're looking forward to seeing Yarra City Council grow and scale as they embrace interconnection."

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