July 24, 2018

Investing.com Enhances Content Services Experience to Asia-Pacific Customers with Equinix

Improves latency by deploying closer to customers in China and Asia-Pacific

HONG KONG – July 24, 2018 Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX), the global interconnection and data center company, today announced that Investing.com, a leading global financial portal, has deployed in the Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data center in Hong Kong, building on its existing deployment in Amsterdam and Dallas.

China is the world’s second largest economy, and home to increasingly mature investors and brokers with a keen interest in overseas and domestic financial markets. This made it a key focus for Investing.com which is constantly launching innovative features and new content to deliver a one-stop source for its readers across the world. Investing.com needed a provider that could help deliver fast and stable connectivity to its users in China to ensure they could access its rich, interactive content with low levels of latency.

Hong Kong is the ideal location for Investing.com as it has close proximity to mainland China and the wider Asia-Pacific region, offering access to a broad range of network services from more than 80 providers and enabling the ability to interconnect with the customers and partners in their digital supply chain. Since deploying in Hong Kong, Investing.com has been able to capture the vast opportunities offered by the mainland Chinese market and provide its customers in the region with access to the latest news and market analysis via stable and fast IT services.

Previously, Investing.com was serving customers in the region via a data center located in Dallas. However, having to access data across this distance was causing a latency of up to 250 milliseconds for its users. By expanding to the Equinix Hong Kong facility, Investing.com is able to see an immediate reduction in latency, to an average of 50 milliseconds, which has enabled it to secure more users, more page views, more traffic and ultimately more business.

Highlights/Key facts:

  • According to the Global Interconnection Index, published by Equinix, Asia-Pacific’s Interconnection Bandwidth is expected to grow more than four times by 2020, reaching 1,120 Tbps, with Content & Digital Media expected to increase at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 34 percent. Investing.com’s expansion highlights the need for decentralized IT infrastructure to deliver on the needs of today’s highly digital consumers.
  • Investing.com has always been focused on broadening its worldwide service to become the optimal one-stop source of financial news, live stock market data and industry update for its readers. By shortening the distance between its applications, data, consumers, employees and partners, Investing.com is able to ensure that its audience in mainland China has fast and responsive access to dynamic content, interactive charts and investment tools. Distributing its applications closer to the network edge via Platform Equinix® also means Investing.com can boost user experience to provide faster loading for its Android and iOS apps.
  • Investing.com is also taking advantage of Equinix’s network dense ecosystem to accelerate its business performance in the region by connecting directly to its mainland Chinese partner that resides in the same data center.
  • By leveraging Equinix Connect in Hong Kong, Investing.com can now interconnect with business partners and end users quickly, while retaining the flexibility to optimize its regional and local network structure.
  • Investing.com is also able to reduce latency and deliver superior experiences in key Asia-Pacific markets, such as Australia and Japan, by moving the deployments to Hong Kong and bringing its network closer to users at the digital edge.


  • Gabriel M. Mizrahi, Chief Technology Officer, Investing.com:
    “Delivering IT services that are stable and fast is an essential part of our business. Like our readers across the world, those in Asia-Pacific expect near-instant access to rich and dynamic content, and Equinix is helping us to deliver this experience to our users. Our deployment in Hong Kong means we have been able to slash latency in the region and seamlessly interconnect to our providers. In addition, we are always evaluating new markets and with our great experiences with Equinix in Amsterdam and Dallas, and the high level of service it has continuously provided to us, we know we can seamlessly deploy wherever we need to in the world.”
  • Alex Tam, Managing Director, Equinix Hong Kong: 
    “Equinix has a long track record of helping global companies to capture the huge opportunities presented by the China market while simultaneously helping Chinese companies to expand overseas. We are delighted to support Investing.com in effectively scaling its digital infrastructure and move closer to the digital edge to bring even richer experiences to its readers in the region. With a large global footprint, including 40 data centers across Asia-Pacific, Equinix enables companies to rapidly reach new markets and interconnect with the diverse range of business partners within our ecosystems to capture the benefits of the digital economy.”

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